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Trade Electrician:(Strength-280 Seat)

This trade is one of the basic trade among all in ITI, used in factories,workshops,power house,business,residential and office premises. After completion of this trade course, the trainees are gained the knowledge regarding electrical installation maintenance,repairing & fitting of electrical machineries & equipments. Electronic subject based knowledge also related with this trade.

The area of workshop is 600sq.mtr

Trade Fitter:(Strength-220 Seat)

This trade has special significance in the engineering field. Fundamental principles of fitting, sawing, chipping drilling and tapping, reveting, making of nuts and bolts, welding, framing of sheet metal works and adequate knowledge about handling of lathe machines to carried out different operations like turning,reaming and facing,threading etc. After Completion of 2 years this training the professional percentage can do the niddle to aeroplane works in their engineering field.

The area of workshop is 380sq.mtr

Trade Sewing Technology :(Strength-40 Seat)

This trade gives the Knowledge of cutting of dress-material into pieces and sewing them. Tailoring practices for knitting and embroidery work. Designs and decorate work. Learning the Art of Modern Tailoring, to develop the idea of handcraft and modern craftsmanship and fancy dress also.

The area of workshop is 75sq.mtr

Trade Electronics Mechanic (Strength-40 Seats)

This trade under CTS is one of the best popular courses deliverd by experienced instructors to admitted students. After completion of this 2 years courses, the students are certified as Electronic Mechanic with capable of installing,repairing & maintaining courple computer hardware,TV,Radio etc.

The trained students may be placed in diffrent private,public & gogernment sectors to maintaining their facing in future plan.

Trade Cabin Room Attendance (Strength 40 Seats)

This trade is a craftsman training course of six month duration.The prescribed trade course of NCVT,New Delhi terester students by our experienced instructors about basic training,General rule,Hazzard & prevents understanding,Demonstration of attendant & customer service,understand & Railway Route & House Keeping Precedure record filling,skill attachment practice etc. After passing the trade,they have many jobs in service sectors,hotels,restaurant,flight attendant and other places etc.

Basic knowledge of attendant regarding hospitality to the guest in hotel/restaurant/guest house etc.

The area of workshop is 41sq.mtr

Data Entry Operator:(Strength-40)

This trade is a best trade of computer course under NCVT, New Delhi of six month duration course. There are full experienced instructors are engaged to the Modern Computer Entry Courses to seek the data entry operation job is to work for private,public,government sectors.The admitted students are able to gain their computer practical knowledge to fit at any where to future earning to the several corners of world.

Computer Fundamental ,Dos, Windos, Ms-access, Pagemaker Msword. MS-Excel, Ms-Powerpoint, DTP, Internet, Lan, Computer language & Programming

The area of workshop is 113sq.mtr